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Milky mist paneer premium

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Milky Mist is a brand that is known for its various dairy products. The pure and protein rich products are renowned for their high quality goodness. Paneer is a product which is also known as cottage cheese. This is a healthy dairy product that is produced and marketed by Milky Mist.Paneer or cottage cheese is prepared by curing and draining blanched milk. It is an excellent source of nutrients like protein and calcium. The Premium Fresh paneer from the stable of Milky Mist is free of preservatives and packed with freshness. It is prepared in hygienic industrial set ups where high standards of production are followed.

Paneer can be used for a variety of dishes including salads and other Indian dishes like mixed vegetables seasoned with spicy and tangy condiments. It can also be used in a curry and is a preferred choice for vegetarians.

Manufactured & Marketed by: Milky Mist Dairy Foods Private Limited